Elizabeth Steere has lived in India, Turkey, Kosovo, France, and the United States. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and doesn’t know what country she’s in. Sometimes she thinks that Midwestern America is the weirdest of all her homes, but that’s also where she’s from, so she loves those crazy cornfields, goshdarnit.

Elizabeth is her grown-up writer name, but her friends call her Liz. You can too. She’s the kind of girl who makes her own kimchi and talks about theology like it’s the weather. If you come to her house, she’ll probably make tea and mother you.

She writes about expat life, marriage, motherhood, and how God moves in and through it all. Her previous blog followed her life as a newlywed on the mission field in Prishtina, Kosovo. In this blog, she’ll reflect on the ways culture and faith intersect in daily life.

Liz currently lives in Southern France with her husband Sam and baby boy James. Together, they lead Discipleship Training Schools at YWAM Bridges of Life.

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    1. It’s because I soaked up all your wisdom in high school. Love you, friend. (PS: I’m making kimchi soup tomorrow, and I really wish we could eat it together.)

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